African House

Huge record!

Big lack of posting so far, still trying to work out where to take this blog, so hopefully more writing, less videos soon.

Spooko - Ayobayo


Feelin Moody

One of my favourite songs of all time



September 09 Mix

I put this mix together last night live from my bedroom, nothing more than a set of CDJ's and a Pioneer Mixer. Just a few of the tunes i'm feeling right now, serious house vibes.
I have to say, there are some absolutely fantastic House records floating around at the moment. The Funky scene has breathed new life into the scene, taking influence from broken beat, dubstep, grime and pretty much everything else leading to some great records being produced.
There's also a nice little L-vis 1990 exclusive on the end of the mix. I love the original and i'm quite happy that he hasn't touched it too much, just adding a stomping 808 underneath to bring it bang up to date.

Anyway, hope you like it. Please let me know what you think.


A.MC - September 09 Mix


1. Floating Points – J&W Beat

2. Kai Alce – Broken Headlights

3. Julio Bashmore – Bad Apple

4. Jaidene Veda – In Luv in a Luv (Nick Holder Vocal Dub)

5. Pearson Sound – Wad

6. Solid Groove – Flookin (Solid Groove Remix)

7. Untold – Just for you (Roska Remix)

8. Karizma - Groove A 'K' Ordingly

9. Kenny Dope – Get 'Em High (Dub)

10. Yotam Anvi – Coke Bouquet

11. Ripperton – Prends-Moi Avec Toi

12. Doug Willis – Dougswana (Audiowhores Remix)

13. Bookworms – African Rhythms

14. Altered Natives – Rass Out

15. Hardhead – Toothbrush Country (L-vis 1990 808 Edit)



Now if you don't want to deal with all the crowds and masses of drunks mixed with kids this Sunday at Carnival, I would highly recommend making your way East to Night Slugs.
Nights Slugs is a forever forward thinking night that is guaranteed to bring you the best acts and best records from the underground. Having been going for just over a year now they've had a stupid amount of talent roll through, some established acts and some new talent who have gone forward to become trend setters.
This night also happens to be the launch night for residents Bok Bok and L-vis 1990's first Night Slugs EP set to drop on Dress 2 Sweat soon. The EP is absolute fire so keep your eyes peeled. Check their Myspace for a preview.

Here is a bit of music for you as well. Bok Bok's and L-vis' refix of Crazy Cousinz Bongo Jam.

Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok's refix)

I also had the privilege to play at the last Night Slugs which was recorded so as soon as I get he audio i'll put it up here.

Till next time.


And so it begins

So i'd thought i'd start a blog. It's probably going to be all about what I like, what I see happening and mostly based around music. Hope whoever turns up enjoys what they see.

Anyway, to kick things off, here's the tune that inspired the title of the blog:

Art of Noise - A Time to Hear (Who's listening)